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Bad Weather Book Review

Today as I fill in for a church member on an errand, I find myself wrapped in a blanket and waiting. So, why not blog while I wait? The weather here is pretty bad. All the rain as driven the river up dangerously high. There are flood warnings and so much more! Ugh! I love […]

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My current obsession

  Well I must admit, I’m addicted. Ever since I made my own versions they’ve been in high demand. I sell them via Instagram @houseofslayments or online at I love making them. They’re classy, timeless, beautiful, and unique. I enjoy putting my own spin and twist on them. There are so many styles and […]

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Hit List

     So this week I’ll be blogging about my awesome Christmas gifts and how my family and I pulled off our first Handmade Christmas. This year I received a DIY Statement Piece book from my mom. In that book is a necklace similar to the one above. I’m moving this dazzling diva to the […]

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Busy Days Ahead

  Busy day today. Going to finally update my blog and store. Add new items and settle up anything past due. I have errands to run with the family and so much more. My calendar is filling up and I can’t wait to share all that’s going on. Stay tuned. This is going to be […]

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Where to shop?

I’m on just about every social media and shop app you can think of. Etsy, TicTail, Carousell, OfferUp, and more. My shop of preference is TicTail. Shocking? I know. There are no monthly fees, and set up is a breeze. I’m constantly adding new items. I’m working on perfecting my pictures, but other than that […]

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Welcome Followers!

You’ve entered the House of Slayments! Home of B.O.B. Boutique. This is a place where I will blog and reblog statement pieces of all varieties. First, let me explain what a slayment is. A slayment is a custom or unique statement piece that has the ability to slay without effort. I love making and blogging […]

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